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Obama leroi

Let the gov't pay the Bakwerians what they are due.kudos to Prof Kale for his defending the interest not only of Bakwerians but all anglophones.

Dr. Juris Cand. Valentine Nde Fru

The most important result of the BLCC is to get the claim, the claim files and the claim submissions to be recognised internationally, each time academic discussion touches on the isue of customary land rights hideously encroached on and carried forward as part of the legacy of colonialism of all communities colonised. The Success of a similar case in Australia, the Mabo Case, leaves no doubts of the high chances of success of the BLCC endeavour.
It also highlights the free consciousness of the Bakweri people, which today is known globally, especially their dedication to fighting a hundred year old suppression and socio-economic injustice. I took part at a seminar on Biodiversity protection in Bremen Germany and felt very proud as a Cameroonian and especially as somebody born and bred here in Buea, when the issue was raised and i was called upon to make a comment.
May god continue to bless abundantly the forerunners of the BLCC.

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